Mackville Custom Home Complete!

We have wrapped up construction on a beautiful custom home in Mackville, Wis (North Appleton). The completely custom design is a 1920 square foot ranch that features some amazing details! There was a lot of work that went into this home before any construction was done and continued throughout the project. From tree clearing to the final light bulb, this was an exciting project to be a part of! Make sure to check out the gallery of this home to […] Read More

Home Builder Tip – Window Stickers

This week’s tip focuses on stickers! Specifically, window stickers! These are a “joy” to remove at the end of your project (please note sarcasm). Most builders will take care of the final cleaning, but if you are building your own home, taking on final cleaning yourself or feel like helping who is responsible for final cleaning, remove the stickers as soon as possible. The sooner they are removed, the easier they come off! The framing contractor is most often responsible […] Read More

Building Tip – Taking Pictures

Take pictures! Throughout the process of building your home, make sure to snap some pictures of the exterior and interior during the various stages. These pictures will serve as a great tool for future renovations or additions. The most beneficial time to take pictures is right after framing and mechanical rough-in’s and prior to insulation. Taking pictures right before insulation will give you a glimpse of everything behind the drywall. Make sure to capture areas with clusters of pipes, wires, […] Read More

Building Tip – Mulch

Spread a layer of mulch or wood chips around new construction homes before or immediately after exterior finishing is installed. This will help prevent the staining of siding and masonry work if it rains. It also helps for contractors to work around the perimeter of the house if it is muddy. This is especially important if you are building in an area with clay soils and using light colored finishes. Splashback from rainwater and the soil will cause staining to […] Read More