This week’s tip focuses on stickers! Specifically, window stickers! These are a “joy” to remove at the end of your project (please note sarcasm).

Most builders will take care of the final cleaning, but if you are building your own home, taking on final cleaning yourself or feel like helping who is responsible for final cleaning, remove the stickers as soon as possible. The sooner they are removed, the easier they come off!

The framing contractor is most often responsible for installing windows and doors. Right after installation is the best time to remove the stickers. Especially when it comes to dormer or gable windows, where attic access will be tougher after drywall/insulation is installed.

A razor blade and water work well for stubborn stickers. It is probably best to check with the window manufacturer for specific cleaning instructions if your windows have any special coating or film to avoid any damage. We stay away from using razor blades on tempered windows and stick to good ole fashioned elbow grease!

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